Charity dinner for the treatment of children with cancer and blood diseases cover

Charity dinner for the treatment of children with cancer and blood diseases

The “Tovmasyan” International Foundation and the “City of Smile” Foundation hosted a charity dinner on December 16, with all revenues going to the “City of Smile” Foundation to help children with cancer and blood illnesses.
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the City of Smile Charitable Foundation, President of the Armenian Apostolic Church's Tavush Diocese Bishop Galstanyan, expressed his gratitude to all of the event's supporters and sponsors in his speech. "We express our gratitude to the "Tovmasyan" Foundation, which launched today's project with us to enjoy the pleasure of meeting each other. "I hope our collaboration will last a long period," Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan stated.
Nane Avetisyan, the director of operations of the “Tovmasyan” Foundation, gave a speech welcoming all of the attendees. "Our foundation has been involved in the development of science, culture, and sports for more than 20 years, but we couldn't refuse after receiving the offer and Artak Tovmasyan, the chairman of the foundation's board of trustees, stated his willingness to support the program. Our foundation's motto is "Together We Can," and I want you to experience the strength of that unity here, to recognize that every positive outcome, every positive change, and every child's life that will change as a result of this evening is the outcome of a united struggle.
A hospital room was opened in Armenia's first child palliative care clinic with the support of the “Tovmasyan” Foundation. Pediatric palliative care's mission is to provide physical, emotional, and caring support to children whose illnesses are not responding to therapy, with the goal of improving the patient's and family's quality of life as much as possible.
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