"TOGETHER WE CAN" final press conference cover

"TOGETHER WE CAN" final press conference

As a result of the Together We Can project launched on May 2 at the initiative of the Tovmasyan Charity Foundation and the consolidation around it, the hospitals in the border communities of Armenia and Artsakh were provided with the necessary equipment to fight against coronavirus, Artak Tovmasyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tovmasyan Charity Foundation, told a news conference on Monday, summing up the outcomes of the project.

"We did it, we fully implemented the project. All the submitted applications were approved," he said.
Acceding to Tovmasyan, a decision to launch the charity project was made on April 3, the next day they started making the first calls with 770 cases of Covid-19 and 7 deaths from the infection confirmed in Armenia at the time.

On May 2, when the charity concert was held, 125 new cases of the virus were reported in the country, with the national total standing at 2,148.

"In one month, the case tally had increased by about 1,500. We first started donating the money raised in Vanadzor on June 3. That is, in 40 days we managed to provide the first assistance, that day the number of infected people already reached 16,000. When we urged people to take part in the charity concert, saying, "join us and save lives," we had in mind what could happen in a month or two, while today the total number of infections has reached 39,000, which shows how relevant our concert and our campaign were," he said.
Artak Tovmasyan says one of their goals was to have people abide by the anti-coronavirus rules, including wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, which was repeatedly stated by the organizers and participants of the charity concert and it was held in strict observance of all those rules.

"Our other desire was to show that we can be united in hard times. It succeeded in it. Most people think that they cant’s make any difference alone, they think, well, I have only 500 or 1,000 drams to donate, but millions are needed there,” he said. “As a result of this project, everyone was able to be make an input as much as they could. We had 2,500 donations, due to which we were able to approve all the applications, as well as to stress the importance of social responsibility.”


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