"Together We Can" Ministry of Defense RA cover

"Together We Can" Ministry of Defense RA

Continuing its activities this time Tovmasyan foundation fully satisfied the received application from the Ministry of Defense of RA. Тhe foundation highlights the importance of health of soldiers, as they are the ones who ensures the security of country.

On June 17 Tovmasyan foundation has provided COVID- 19 tests with 99.81% accuracy to the Ministry of Defence in order to protect army from pandemic.

Artak Tovmasyan: Due to the marathon “Together We Can” we provided numerous tests for soldiers, who are in the first line for safety & peace.  Now We are sure that We did everything to protect army from COVID-19.

Gabriel Balayan /Deputy Minister of Defense of RA/: “I want to thank Tovmasyan foundation for this priceless support, which gives us an opportunity to organize a secure environment for soldiers.  I hope this support will be continuous.”- says Gabriel Balayan 




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