"Together We Can" Police of RA cover

"Together We Can" Police of RA

“Tovmasyan” foundation has fully satisfied the received application from the Police of RA in the scope of initiative “TOGETHER WE CAN” Anti Covid-19 marathon.

Thanks to the foundation the medical department of the Police of RA was equipped with ​Roche biochemical analyzer​, which is one of the best and unique swiss productions in the world, as well as patient monitors.

Artak Tovmasyan: We have decided to direct the amount of our charity marathon to the Police of RA, because during these days they as well as the doctors are on first lines to protect and keep the safety of the people. This was urgent and prioritized help.

Sasun Ananyan “The head of Medical Department of RA”: Due to this analyzer we can easily serve our policemen & their families. It will give us an opportunity to get the results of the tests faster and more accurate.

Hripsime Hakobyan /Singer/ - We joined this initiative with love, and it’s a huge pleasure to see the results of the marathon.

Martin Mkrtchyan /Singer/ - We hope that this equipment will make it more efficient and easier to diagnose the patients.

Grigor Adamyan /The head of Police Polyclinic/ - The laboratory of polyclinic is now equipped with such a powerful device, which will let us diagnose our policemen and their family members. I want to thank the Tovmasyan Foundation for this huge help. The biochemical analyzer of the laboratory was considered to be more than 30 years old.  

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