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"Together We Can" Artsakh

On 28 July the delegation of the “Tovmasyan” foundation at the head of Board of Trustees Artak Tovmasyan visited the Republic of Artsakh.  Thanks to the marathon “Together We Can” the foundation has fully satisfied the received application from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Artsakh Republic. The Foundation has provided a new Sonoscape E1 EXP ultrasonic doppler to the Martakert regional medical association.

“This is a mobile equipment, which we can use not only in Martakert hospital, but also in other regional laboratories. This equipment will give us an opportunity to serve every patient no matter where he is.” – says the director of the hospital Gagik Ohanyan

“Tovmasyan Foundation visited Artsakh with the participants of the “Together We Can” concert Saro Tovmasyan and Hayk Ghevondyan. 

“We are happy to participate in this initiative and save lives with our voices. I wish everyone of you health and safety”- Says singer Saro Tovmasyan

The Delegation had a meeting with the minister of healthcare of Republic of Artsakh, who appreciated the enormous help of the “Tovmasyan Foundation”. 


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