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Completed Projects

"Nothing is Impossible". Artak Tovmasyan

21 May, 2023

"Nothing is Impossible" tells an exciting story of the construction of Seven Visions, The Dvin.

The first batch of humanitarian aid arrived in Odessa

21 Mar, 2022

The first batch of humanitarian aid is already in Odessa.

Tovmasyan, Dobro Bez Mezh and Via Magna Vranov foundations will help Ukrainian civilians

20 Mar, 2022

The motto of the Tovmasyan Foundation - "Together we can" is more relevant than ever.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tovmasyan Foundation met with the British Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia H.E. Mr. John Gallagher

19 Mar, 2022

By joining forces, it is possible to create a blessing, which in turn will be of decisive importance for people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Artak Tovmasyan met with the Emergency and Executive Ambassador of the Russian Federation Mr. Sergey Kopyrkin

14 Mar, 2022

Kindness is the best form of humanism, and therefore it is always necessary to support people who have fallen into difficult life situations.

Tovmasyan Foundation initiated humanitarian programs for the civilian population of Ukraine

08 Mar, 2022

In connection with the current situation in which the Ukrainian people were found, the Armenian branch of the Tovmasyan International Foundation initiated humanitarian programs to support the civilians of the country.

Day of love with Argentine tango motifs

14 Feb, 2022

May the magic of the day give you true love

The Tovmasyan Foundation team distributes salty cookies to young people

12 Feb, 2022

We wish love to fill your hearts and fill your life with harmony and positive emotions.

Tyarnendaraj in the Holy Apostles Church in Shengavit

12 Feb, 2022

With the support of the ,,Tovmasyan'' Foundation, the traditional ritual of trndez was organized in the Holy Apostles Church.

The Tovmasyan Foundation and the youth organized a flash mob

28 Jan, 2022

We convey to you a high mood and positive energy.

Visit to "Prkutyun" Center for Disabled Children and Youth NGO

24 Dec, 2021

It is possible to teach people with disabilities the skills to lead independent lives and to value their potential.

A Christmas bazaar was organized

12 Dec, 2021

On the eve of the New Year, a Christmas charity market was organized at Dvin Music Hall, the entire proceeds of which will be donated to charity.

The 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence was celebrated in Armenia together with the Tovmasyan Foundation

24 Nov, 2021

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Armenia and Tovmasyan International Foundation jointly organized a cultural evening dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SDGs through children’s eye

22 Oct, 2021

About 40 children aged 7-13 participated in an art course

The paintings were put up for sale at "PanArmenian Expo 2021"

10 Oct, 2021

Our colorful, happy and very kind pavilion, "PanArmenian Expo 2021", aroused great interest at the 12th multifaceted international exhibition-forum.

"Faces of Victory". A photo exhibition of veterans' portraits opened in Yerevan with great pomp

09 Oct, 2021

Have you ever thought who are the faces of the Great Victory , did you ever met them? If not, then this is a good opportunity to see the veterans who won the Great Patriotic War.

A hospital room was opened in palliative care clinic with the support of the “Tovmasyan” Foundation

21 Sep, 2021

In the world practice, palliative care is one of the necessary components of the comprehensive services provided to children with cancer, and we are grateful that it is now available to our children and their families, too.

Geniuses of the past and present

18 Sep, 2021

Exhibition of paintings by geniuses of the XX and XI centuries.

A four-day program for soldiers wounded in war

09 Aug, 2021

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” – Winston Churchill

Tovmasyan Foundation launches screening of ‘’Tevanik’’ movie in memory of Hovhannes

27 Jul, 2021

The last Artsakh war took away the life of the principal actor of Jivan Avetisyan's movie "Tevanik" - Tevanik, whose role was played by Hovhannes Khoderian.

"Artsakh of the future" - children of Artsakh created under this heading

10 Jul, 2021

These paintings will be put up for auction, and the proceeds will go to charity.

Handing over "Ashot Yerkat" crosses to servicemen under the auspices of "Tovmasyan" foundation

01 Jul, 2021

The Tovmasyan Foundation stands by the army and the church.

Visit to Gyulagarak community kindergarten

29 Jun, 2021

The children are always in the center of attention of the "Tovmasyan" foundation.

Children's day- happy and carefree

01 Jun, 2021

On June 1, the Tovmasyan Foundation organized events to celebrate Children's Day

Exhibition dedicated to Gor Avetikyan

27 May, 2021

I love you... The Tovmasyan Foundation realized the dream of 20-year-old artist Gor Avetikyan

"Peace through the eyes of a soldier" ․ 3rd event

20 May, 2021

The third event of "Peace through the eyes of a soldier" art therapy was organized in a warm and friendly environment.

Exhibition of paintings

09 May, 2021

Another successful program for the development of art and for the support of families displaced from Artsakh.


22 Apr, 2021

With this important initiative, we can help to save our soldiers who did not spare their lives for ours!

Тhe Crosses of Ashot II

01 Mar, 2021

On March 1, at the suggestion of the spiritual leadership of the Armed Forces of RA, in Kanaker's Church of Surb Astvatsatsin, a solemn ceremony of blessing and handover of the Crosses of Ashot II the Iron to recruits took place, under the sponsorship of “Tovmasyan” Foundation, after which, Artak Tovmasyan, the head of the "Tovmasyan" foundation, was awarded with golden medal of "Ashot Yerkat".

You too can buy and save the lives of our heroes

14 Feb, 2021

The project “Peace through the eyes of a soldier," organized by the Tovmasyan Foundation, is still ongoing. According to the results of the auction, four paintings have already been sold.

Peace through the eyes of soldiers

28 Jan, 2021

On January 28, the day of the Armenian Army, we visited soldiers, undergoing treatment at the “Artmed” Medical Center, congratulated them, and shared positive energy through our project. During “Peace through the eyes of a soldier” project, soldiers painted on canvases and had a lot of fun.

Event for Artsakh's Children

13 Oct, 2020

"Tovmasyan" Foundation and "Dvin" Music Hall have united their efforts and resources to help and support our compatriots

Together for Artsakh's children

13 Oct, 2020

"Tovmasyan" Foundation and "Dvin Music Hall" have organized an event for Artsakh's  children. 


12 Aug, 2020

An explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut on 4 August led to irreversible consequences for the local population leaving thousands of local residents homeless, including our compatriots of the huge Armenian Community living in Beirut. The Tovmasyan Charity Foundation has organized enormous help for the Armenian community, impacted because of the explosion happened in Lebanon, Beirut. Collected 120 donation boxes with the weight of 1 ton included food, clothes and goods of prime necessities. 

"TOGETHER WE CAN" final press conference

03 Jul, 2020

As a result of the Together We Can project launched on May 2 at the initiative of the Tovmasyan Charity Foundation and the consolidation around it, the hospitals in the border communities of Armenia and Artsakh were provided with the necessary equipment to fight against coronavirus, Artak Tovmasyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tovmasyan Charity Foundation, told a news conference on Monday, summing up the outcomes of the project.

The Children's Day

01 Jun, 2020

On June 1, on the occasion of the Children's Day, the "Tomvasyan" Foundation organized an event dedicated to the children of Armenia.

"Together We Can" Press Conference

01 May, 2020

A press conference was held today, to discuss the unprecedented concert, in which various people participated including the chairman of the board of trustees of the "Tovmasyan" charity foundation Artak Tovmasyan, director Hrach Keshishyan, member of the board of the Central Bank of Armenia Hasmik Ghahramanyan, Doctor-Professor of Medical Sciences Henrik Bakunts, Vice President of the American University of Armenia Ashot Ghazaryan, artists Alla Levonyan and Saro Tovmasyan.


30 Apr, 2020

On May 2 “Tovmasyan” foundation for the first time in the world started an international charity marathon “Together We Can” Anti COVID-19 with 10-hours duration concert (Subscribe and watch: Youtube) to fight against pandemic and to spread light and kindness all over the world. The borders of the project reached more than 4 continents & more than 120 international stars including Paul Pogba, Mila Jovovich, 2Pac’s bro Mopreme Shakur, Truth Hurts, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Vic Darchinyan, Arthur Abraham and others, have joined this initiative.

Open-air exhibition hall.

28 Aug, 2019

The "Tovmasyan" Foundation and the platform sponsored the first “Armenian International Photo Fest” which is attended by photographers from around the world.

Artak Tovmasyan "Maecenas of the Year"

13 Feb, 2018

On February 13, Artak Tovmasyan, President of the "Tovmasyan" Charity Foundation, was awarded the "Maecenas of the Year".

"ARMENIAN BAZAAR" Exhibition & Sales

12 Jul, 2016

"ARMENIAN BAZAAR" Exhibition & Sales Organized by “Tovmasyan” foundation and "Ararat Hotel" on July 12th in Ararat Hotel Eden Garden with the participation of Armenian producers and artists.

LesMills Barre and LesMills BodyJam․ Sport and charity in one place

09 Sep, 2021

Get positive vibes, participate in special trainings, burn calories, contribute to charity.

Zumba. Sport and charity in one place

10 Aug, 2021

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”

Body Combat. Sport and charity in one place

28 Jul, 2021

When it comes to charity; many people stop at nothing...

Tovmasyan Foundation opened a new building in Askeran for emergency situations

12 Jul, 2021

The construction of the building began and ended with the support of the Tovmasyan Foundation․ In addition, separate investments were made to replenish and modernize the material and technical base.

Yoga for Harmony and For Peace

21 Jun, 2021

The UN General Assembly has declared June 21 the International Day of Yoga

Yoga Flashmob organized by "Tovmasyan" foundation

14 Jun, 2019

The 5th International Day of Yoga was celebrated in Yerevan with a Yoga Flashmob front of "Dvin Music Hall".

"Tovmasyan" foundation donated 140 pairs of skates to Irina Rodnina's figure-skating school

01 Jun, 2016

"Tovmasyan" Foundation, headed by the member of the board of trustees Susanna Tovmasyan, donated 140 pairs of skates to Irina Rodnina's figure-skating school on the occasion of the International Children's Day.

Training for the students of "Mer doon" NGO

20 Jan, 2022

Kindness has no limits when it comes to women

Scholarships for Students ․ Plekhanov ․ There was a festive mood at the university

10 Jul, 2021

G.V. A meeting between the “students” of the Board of Trustees was organized at the Yerevan branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, during which scholarships were awarded to the three best students with academic progress.

Yerevan Ambulance Service has new vehicles

11 Jun, 2021

Yerevan Ambulance Service has been completed with new vehicles. “Tovmasyan” International foundation granted 4 new fully equipped vehicles.

Free consultation by a professor invited from Lebanon

10 Jun, 2021

The cooperation of the Tovmasyan Foundation and benefactors gave its positive result.

Meeting with Karen Sargsyan, Director of the State Emergency of Republic of Artsakh

28 Jul, 2020

At the invitation of Karen Sargsyan, the delegation of the "Tovmasyan"  Foundation visited the Askeran Regional Department for Emergency Situations, got acquainted with the current conditions and material-technical base, where since 2017, at the suggestion of Karen Sargsyan, the fund has provided great financial support for the construction of new conditions of the building.  

"Together We Can" Artsakh

28 Jul, 2020

On 28 July the delegation of the “Tovmasyan” foundation at the head of Board of Trustees Artak Tovmasyan visited the Republic of Artsakh.  Thanks to the marathon “Together We Can” the foundation has fully satisfied the received application from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Artsakh Republic. The Foundation has provided a new Sonoscape E1 EXP ultrasonic doppler to the Martakert regional medical association.

Meeting with the President of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan

28 Jul, 2020

On July 28, the delegation led by Artak Tovmasyan, met with the President of the Republic of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan.


10 Jul, 2020

Thanks to the marathon “Together We Can” on 10 July “Tovmasyan” foundation fully satisfied the received application from “Nork” Infection hospital, which is serving the huge majority of patients infected by COVID-19. “Tovmasyan” foundation provided 30 hospital beds and 50 pulse oximeters to the hospital.


03 Jul, 2020

On July 3, Minister of Defence of Armenia David Tonoyan received a delegation of the “Tovmasyan” charitable foundation led by Chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation Artak Tovmasyan.

"Together We Can" Police of RA

24 Jun, 2020

“Tovmasyan” foundation has fully satisfied the received application from the Police of RA in the scope of initiative “TOGETHER WE CAN” Anti Covid-19 marathon. Thanks to the foundation the medical department of the Police of RA was equipped with ​Roche biochemical analyzer​, which is one of the best and unique Swiss productions in the world, as well as patient monitors.

"Together We Can" Ministry of Defense RA

17 Jun, 2020

Continuing its activities this time Tovmasyan foundation fully satisfied the received application from the Ministry of Defense of RA. Тhe foundation highlights the importance of health of soldiers, as they are the ones who ensures the security of country.


13 Jun, 2020

The Foundation has received applications from Vanadzor and Gyumri Infectious Diseases Hospitals and the Independent Council has decided to direct collected amounts firstly to the regions, who needed our help the most. More than 50 million drams from the collected sum were provided to the regional hospitals in order to buy the necessary equipment. The first destination was Lori region. Thanks to the foundation, Vanadzor Infectious Hospital was equipped with a new immunosuppressive diagnostic equipment of Roche Swiss brand production, necessary beds for patients, as well as a centralized oxygen supply system.

Scolarships of "Tovmasyan" foundation

20 Sep, 2018

On September 20, 2018, on the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Yerevan branch of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Chairman of the "Tovmasyan" Charity Foundation Artak Tovmasyan, visited the Yerevan branch of the university. 

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