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Kindness, as the most tangible manifestation of human solidarity, has the potential to bring more people, nations, and cultures together, regardless of race, language, or religion. TOGETHER, we can build the art of kindness.

Artak Tovmasyan

One wish may turn the world upside down, and when that wish becomes a goal, you've already won.

Businessman Artak Tovmasyan formed the "Sozvezdie" Foundation in 2001, which was renamed "Tovmasyan" International Foundation in 2011. Its purpose is to make the country prosperous.

The foundation has devoted all of its resources to the advancement and support of science, culture, and sports in crucial sectors, as this is the only way for society and the state to progress to a new, higher level of development. The Republic of Armenia, as well as the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Africa, and other countries, are included in the geography of almost 20 years of activity.

Numerous events in the fields of science, culture, and sports have been arranged as an embodiment of the foundation's great mission and title. The Tovmasyan Foundation has helped thousands of people, including homeless families, children, educational institutions, and private businesses, as well as saving hundreds of lives.

He was a key figure in the major battle against Covid 19, which exploded in Armenia on a massive scale. "Together, we can" became a strong force for change.

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