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Together we can

This year the global problem COVID-19 has impacted the global population in drastic ways. The origin of this story started from one person, but now it concerns the whole world.

“Tovmasyan” Charity foundation organized an unprecedented charity project to bring the people around the idea that togetherness is the solution.

On May 2 “Tovmasyan” foundation started an international charity marathon “Together We Can” Anti COVID-19 with 10-hours duration concert (Subscribe and watch: Youtube) to fight against pandemic and to spread light and kindness all over the world. The borders of the project reached more than 4 continents, more than 120 international stars have joined this initiative and saved many lives.

We announce the beginning of a new anti COVID-19 kindness & peace pandemic of the future!

mask don't panic

All proceeds from "Together We Can" marathon were used for the Anti COVID-19 programs in Armenia to support the healthcare system by providing the necessary equipment and appropriate tests. With the collected money “Tovmasyan” foundation fully satisfied the received applications from:

  • Ministry of Defense
  • Medical Department of the Police RA
  • Republic of Artsakh
  • Nork Infection Hospital
  • Gyumri Infection Hospital
  • Vanadzor Infection Hospital

“Together We Can” initiative continues to expand its borders.

The global continuation of this marathon opens new possibilities and gives the chance to everyone from seven continents to participate in this marathon.

The fundraising, charity auction and #twecan challenge are still continuing. Our foundation ensures the transparency of all revenues and expenses, which is controlled by a specially created independent council with representatives of the academic community.

In the scope of the concert, join our #twecan Challenge, save lives and leave your trace in a New History. Take a photo of yourself and share it on your social media with #twecan hashtag. All the photos & videos shared will be used in a new music video with international celebrities.


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The implementation of our program depends on your generous donations, but they do not always have to be monetary donations.


Even the smallest donation is important for the implementation of our program.

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