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This year the global problem COVID-19 has impacted the global population in drastic ways. The origin of this story started from one person, but now it concerns the whole world.


Maecenas, Board of Trustees of Tovmasyan Foundation

“The kindness as the realest example of human solidarity can bring together more people, nations without distinction of race, language or religion.”

Together We Can

Tovmasyan Charity foundation started a new marathon in order to spread more happiness and kindness all over the world. We organized an unprecedented charity project “Together We Can” to bring the people around the idea that togetherness is the solution. The borders of the project reached more than 4 continents, thousands of people and saved many lives. The global continuation of this marathon opens new possibilities and gives the chance to everyone from seven continents to participate in this marathon.

!!! We announce the beginning of a new anti COVID-19 kindness & peace pandemic of the future. #twecan

About Marathon

The start of the marathon will be taken in Yerevan and will continue on all time-zones of participating countries.
The concert show will be as diversified as the Planet: Music, Art, Sport have no boundaries.

Donate & Save Life


The Revenues

The revenues will be spent to help those countries and regions fighting against COVID-19, who need our help the most. To ensure the transparency of all revenues and expenses, all the process will be controlled by a special independent council with representatives of the academic community.

Together we can make a new page of History.