Tovmasyan Charitable Foundation

The implementation of our program depends on your generous donations, but they do not always have to be monetary donations. If you have something that can be useful, join the auction by Tovmasyan Charitable Foundation: Let Your Trace in the Pages of the History of New Armenia. All proceeds from the auction will go to # Covid19's programs in Armenia to support the healthcare system for purchasing the necessary breathing equipment and appropriate medications. If you have an item to donate for charity auction, send your photo with the item on Whatsapp: +374 43 040704


#1 - Paul Pogba. is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the French national team. 1x World Cup Winner, 2018. Donation: Signed T-Shirt. (Kamo Adulyan) 900$

#2 American world-known actress Mila Jovovich, famous for her roles in movies like Fifth Element, Hellboy, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Donated her signed hat for our charity auction. (Artyom Avagyan) 700$

#3 Anatoly Evgenievich Karpov - Soviet and Russian chess player and politician, twelfth world chess champion, international grandmaster, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. Donation: Chess “Karpov”. This is very Russian chess, they embody the best features of a national character. It is symbolic that the Russian chess design is made of the Russian national tree - birch. Starting Price: 750$

#4 - Donation by RA Honored Artist Shmavon Shmavonyan. (Dro Dabidian) 950$

#5 - Arthur Abraham: Professional Armenian boxer playing in Germany. 2005-2009 He was the IBF middleweight world champion, defending 10 effective titles. Since 2009 he has been performing in the second middleweight category. At the end of 2009, The Ring magazine ranked Abraham as the # 14 best boxers in the world. Donated his Book with fights’ photos, DVD, limited edition T-Shirt and signed symbolic gloves. (Artyom Avagyan) 750$

#6 - Jean-Edern Hurstel. Chef Partner of the Restaurant EDERN 3* Michelin. “Best European Restaurant” award, 2010. “Chef of the Year” award, 2010. (Artyom Avagyan) 700$

#7 - Vic Darchinyan. is an Armenian professional boxer. He is a former world champion in two weight classes, having held the IBF flyweight title from 2004 to 2007; and the unified WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, and lineal super-flyweight titles between 2008 and 2010. Additionally, he has held a record 9-times IBO titles at flyweight, super-flyweight, and twice at bantamweight between 2005 and 2011. Donation: Boxing gloves. (Artyom Avagyan) 800$

#8 - Robert Emmiyan. Long jumper who represented the USSR and Armenia. He is the fourth best long jumper in history and the best long jumper not of African-American descent. His personal best jump of 8.86 metres, which he achieved in Tsakhkadzor in May 1987, is the current European record! Donation: His uniform, which we wore as a European Champion. (Artyom Avagyan) 800$

#9 - Legend Iosif Kobzon's family donated artist's stage special suit and the collection of CDs. (Artyom Avagyan) 750$

#10 - Khoren Oganesian. Former Armenian and Soviet football player who played as a midfielder and current manager and coach. He was awarded the Master of Sport of the USSR, International Class title in 1976.. (Artyom Avagyan) 550$

#11 - Arsen Galstyan Armenian judoist, Olympic champion, gold medalist of the Russian national team Donated is uniform. (Hovhannisyan Arthur) 750$

#12 - Oleg Gozmanov. People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Seven-time winner of the Russian National Ovation Prize and songwriter. Donated signed T-Shirt. (Artyom Avagyan) 700$

#13 - Yuri Sargsyan, Armenian weightlifter (half-weight). Master of Sports of International Class (1979), Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. Donated a T-Shirt. Starting Price: 250$

#14 - The Armenian Church of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Moscow, led by the Primate of the Diocese, Bishop Ezras, donated a valuable icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Book of the “Matyan Voghberhutyan” of St. Grigor Lusavorich. (Artyom Avagyan) 1250$

#15 - Michael Zakharovich Shufutinsky. Soviet and Russian pop singer, pianist, performer, music producer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2013). Winner of the Chanson of the Year Award. Donated an utobiographical rare book released in 1998, one of few copies. Starting Price: 300$

#16 - Marcos Questas & Ruta Maria. Famous tango couple with high level achievements in the tango world, winners in many championship has also joined our auction and donated 3 couching online lessons $350

#17 - Michael Zakharovich Shufutinsky. Soviet and Russian pop singer, pianist, performer, music producer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2013). Winner of the Chanson of the Year Award. Donated a signed T-Shirt. (Artyom Avagyan) 350$

#18 - Sirusho, composer and author of many hit songs. Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia. The only Armenian singer that has been nominated three times at the World Music Awards and has presented Armenian art and culture in a new way through her activities. Donation: From the performance of the concert dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Sayat-Nova, her stage costume "Armenian Chukha" made special for Sirusho, which she wore at the Moscow Kremlin Concert Hall. (Artyom Avagyan) 700$

#19 - Armen Ludwig Nazaryan. Former Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler, six-time European, three-time world, two-time Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports, member of the FILA Hall of Fame. Donated his uniform. (Artyom Avagyan) 400$

#20 - Lran Mchedlidze - Georgian footballer player of "Dinamo" football club. Donated a shirt and a ball. (Artyom Avagyan) 500$

#21 - Defence Ministry of Armenia also joined our auction and donated a cap and T-Shirt of "Armenian Army". Starting Price: 250$

#22 - Viktor Tsygankov - Ukrainian footballer, midfielder of Dynamo club and the national team of Ukraine. Donation: signed T-Shirt. Starting Price: 600$

#23 - The President of WITSA and Chairman of CISA Yvonne Chiu donated WCIT 2020 VIP package. (Kamo Adulyan) 700$

#24 - Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Armenian professional footballer who plays for Italian club Roma, on loan from English club Arsenal, and captains the Armenian national team, has been several time champion of Ukraine & Armenia. 9-time Best Footballer of the Armenia. Donated his signed T-shirt. (Artyom Avagyan) 1300$

#25 - Special T-Shirt "Together We Can" signed by the participants of the project

#26 - Jivan Gasparyan is an Armenian musician and composer, a connoisseur of Armenian national music, a master of duduk. People's Artist of the Armenian USSR. Donation: the special duduk of Jivan Gasparyan and Jivan Gasparyan JR. Starting Price: 550$

#27 - Sos & Victoria Petrosyan - worldwide known illusionists, quick-change artists, listed 4-times on Guinness World Record joined the auction and donated 3 unique & rare books of theirs, which has been best-sellers for a long time in a world of magic. Starting Price: 550$

#28 - Josep Bartomeu the president of FC Barcelona donated a special T-Shirt signed for #ToghetherWeCan charity auction. Starting Price: 550$


#29 - Arman Malyan. Honorary member of the Barcelona club. Donated a football shirt of the Barcelona. Starting Price: 500$

#30 - Tatev Arakelian. Designer and creator of “Tatev Shaheni” fashion brand donated a handmade bag. Starting Price: 250$

#31 - Artist Grigoryan Vova joined and donated naturemorte (size: 30 x 50). Starting Price: 550$

#32 - Artist Grigoryan Artur joined and donated his painting (size: 50 x 34). Starting Price: 550$

#33 - Artist Grigoryan Artur joined and donated his painting (size: 40x 30). Starting Price: 550$

#34 - Artist Vardanyan Arusik joined and donated one of her paintings special for the auction (size: 30 x 40). Starting Price: 550$